1.           How much are the shares? They are selling for: $1 USD


2.           I am Interested? Simply declare the number that you want and pay 10% of the shares immediately. For example, 1000 shares cost $1000 so 10% is $100 paid immediately.


3.           When do I pay the balance? By April 2022 at least 20% must be paid. We will be advising shareholders about the remaining balance from April going forward. Our estimate is that by July 2022, all share capital must be paid up.


4.           How much has been taken up so far? Over 95% has been taken up so far. Under 5% remain.


5.           When do we start benefiting? This is a professional business and all businesses declare dividends at least annually. Yes sometimes halfway into the year if returns are good, dividends can be declared. It’s up to the resolution of the shareholders and the advice of the Board based on Audited Financial Statements.


6.           How do I pay? These are our banking details:

Account Name: Mthwakazi Brands Pty Ltd

Account Number: 62931329892

Branch code: 260555

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

FNB Bank

Email: finance@mthwakazibrands.com

Telephone: +27711833345





Eastern Cape

Republic of South Africa


7.           Can I do my payments online? Yes, most international money transfer agencies do provide platforms for bank direct transfer. Examples include World Remit, Western Union.

Though costly direct online bank transfers are also a sure way of paying.

More convenient ways will be availed soon. Our bankers are working on these.