Highly motivated employees lead to High production

Zimbabwe is a good example of what poorly motivated employees could lead to, civil servants going on strike, sometimes they on go-slow (meaning a low percentage of production a day), they picket or leave the job. This is because they are either not paid well or their working conditions are not up to standard.


How can one motivate employees?

  • Salary

The salary of an employee must not be below the minimum wage of a particular job or position. If a salary cannot help a worker to access basic commodities, for example, food, paying a child’s education and shelter, employees will demand higher salaries or look for a better job. Employers must make sure they give employees fair wages.

Offering employees with rewards can help motivate employees, for example,

  • Bonuses
  • Private Health Care
  • Offering to pay for additional training or qualifications
  • Profit Sharing


  • Making a work place a pleasant place to be

The workplace must not be a dull and a dark place, it is not attractive to the eye and also changes the mood of the employee. Decorating an office to look attractive and making it well lit, helps with creativity and lighting up the mood. One can get stickers of the company logo, wood designs, books in the company’s field to decorate the office. The decorations must not be too much. Employers can even hire professionals to design their office space.


Make sure everything is UpToDate, especially the equipment used by the business because that can hinder the performance of t

he employees.


  • The employer, manager or leader must be respectful, supportive and honest

One thing that COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is the value of one another as a people and how much we need each other. Respectful, supportive and honesty go hand in hand with listening, empathy and understanding. What this means is that employees are humans too for they have feelings. Also, it is best if employers are continuously educating themselves by reading books on management.


  • Good Communication

Every business needs a good communication system to help lessen mistakes and improve productivity. During the pandemic, businesses were tested on their communicative skills, since most people were working from home. To make sure that the company was moving together, companies made sure that communication channels were easily flowing.


  • Share Positive feedback

By knowing that as an employee you did a good job gives a sense of accomplishment. It gives the employee a sense of pride and willingness to take more tasks and do better than before.

They are so many ways one can motivate their employees,but the most important thing is to listen to their grievances.