OUR COMMITMENT: “Imbewu Finance must be a Mthwakazi Bank of Choice in 10 years”!

IMBEWU FINANCE – RESOLUTIONS from stakeholders meeting 30 July 2022

❇️❇️ On Structure ❇️❇️

  1. Immediately incorporate Imbewu into a Pvt Ltd entity.
  2. Immediately issue 2.5 million shares at $1 per share.
  3. Convert existing members contributions into shares.


Maintained: our LEAVING NOONE BEHIND policy

The SHARE PRICE will be US$1, which we believe will allow many of our people, including those in the rural areas, women, and young people, to get involved, even if its just toe dipping at first. Over time, we hope that many of our ventures will help empower them so that they can come back with bigger contributions, to become owners of bigger slices of their bank.


Maintained: our HOLDING NOONE BACK policy

Those who can, are welcome to purchase large numbers of shares, up to a maximum of 38% of the total available. The sooner we reach our capitalisation target, the sooner we will become a banking institution.