Excellent customer service is key to business success

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after the purchase of goods and services, according to google. Each industry of business requires a different level of customer services but the most basic and important service is how to approach and communicate with a client or customer. This can be done via media, for example email, twitter, Facebook and what’s app and also face to face


Approaching Face to Face


  • When approaching a customer or client face to face make sure you are dressed smart. First impression counts the most. If the front desk or shop assistant or you as an owner look untidy, it gives the customer an impression that the business is in disorder. Also, every business has the best suited attire for the job.
  • Always wear a warm smile on your face. A smile is always welcoming to a client and a customer, it helps them to relax and to approach more freely and ask for help.
  • Social distance is important, because it helps one to feel comfortable. Always leave a personal space between the customer and yourself.
  • Greeting a client or customer first by saying “good day, how may I help you,” can help them to go straight to the point. It is also a polite way of asking the customer what they need.
  • Be ready to listen, this helps one not to jump into conclusions. When a customer is heard and helped correctly, they are satisfied.
  • Always use, please, thank you, and you are welcome.


Social media Communication


  • In every organisation it is important to have an email or social media policy.
  • Make sure the subject line is relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Always mind your manners when talking to clients online. A greeting is important. Even though people may not notice it or not pay attention to it but if you forget the greeting, the message my come out to be disrespectful or ungrateful.
  • There are some who are sensitive to being addressed by their first names. When in doubt, use Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Dr or Professor. In some situations, do not use them at all.
  • If one has no knowledge of something it is good to refer them to someone who does or simply tell them that their problem will be rectified soon.
  • Make sure you reread your message several times before you hit send to make sure you do not come across as rude, disrespectful, unfriendly and unapproachable.
  • Do not use abbreviations, capital letters for it sounds like you are shouting, and check your grammar and spellings
  • Keep the email brief and straight to the point.
  • When signing off make sure you say “kind regards” and sign with your name and job title so that the client or customer knows who helped them out.


These will help with customer or client satisfaction and will give the client confidence to come back next time to use your product or service. It is up most important to take you workers especially frontline office workers or workers that deal with customer to etiquette  and grooming lessons or training.