Marketing is the pillar of any business. Its success or failure hinges on its ability to reach and create more customers.
There are various kinds of marketing methods that businesses use nowadays. Today we will look at two of these methods which are traditional marketing which happens offline and digital marketing which is purely online. Both these methods are effective and can serve an array of businesses.

Offline marketing includes print, handouts, banners, road shows, cold calling, canvassing, exhibitions, television and radio. These methods help to grow brand awareness and credibility. They are based on physical interaction which enhances communication. They help businesses to reach a wider range of customers who may not have been easy to reach. This method gets rid of the digital divide where some people do not have access to the internet.

Some of these methods are costly to deploy especially promoting and advertising on radio and television. Although this method can get a lot of people (voice over artists, videographers, editors, make-up artists, etc) involved most of them do not come free or cheap.

We are experiencing a great shift from offline to digital marketing which is any act of selling on the internet. People are spending a lot of time online and marketers are forced to follow them there. Digital marketing has levelled the ground for individuals, brands, big and small businesses. Anyone can post, promote and boost online at a minimal fee. This can be done through blogs, In-App advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Email, Instagram, YouTube Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Online marketing has levelled the ground because it needs less resources to do as compared to traditional methods.

Mthwakazi Brands Pvt Ltd is a company registered in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Currently Mthwakazi Brands is managing 4 ventures under its brand.

These are:
1. Imbewu Finance (Pvt) Ltd- this specifically deals in financial services and will be a bank in 5 years or more.
2. Elangeni (Pvt) Ltd is an agribusiness that produces stockfeed for pen fattening.
3. Ampmart Mining (Pvt) Ltd deals in gold ore extraction and processing.
4. Isilo Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd is an entity that ventures into transportation services that includes people and goods.

Company physical address is Office 9, Jubilee Court, 4th Avenue and Robert Mugabe, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Contact phone: +263 711 302 502.


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