Mthwakazi Brands Insights: Did You Know?

Starting a business is not easy. There are a lot of hurdles to jump through along the way but at Mthwakazi Brands, we have found ways to make it possible for any ordinary member to be a part-owner of a functional business.


Smart Partnerships and Shared Capital

Raising enough money to start a business is every entrepreneur’s dream. However, that’s not an easy feat for many. Often ideas and dreams die out with time as someone struggles and then fails to get on their feet financially. It’s often the cause people would try to borrow from the banks and unfortunately, in our own community, there are no such banks. The solution is crowdfunding! Often people would like to have 100% control over their businesses. In reality, it works if all is in order and there’s no shortage of finances as well as expertise.


As life would teach you, it’s difficult for anyone to have it all under the sun. You can be a millionaire in any currency but in the end, you still need to have a certain degree of expertise before you can blindly walk into some business.




Today, good ideas for businesses are awash in the digital world. One may think it’s easy to download an idea and run with it. Unfortunately, it is not that straightforward. Sometimes you need someone who can articulate the idea and separate someone who can transform it into a physical manifestation. Those are skills and they are rare. Had they been popular, Mthwakazi would be a paradise by now. As part of our activities, handle ideas at all stages and determine what could be extracted out of them and applied in the field.


Skill and Talent 

As part of our team, we have a number of field experts as well as individuals talented in various ways. Together we form a capable team that can transform the face of the business environment as well as the local economy within Mthwakazi. Don’t be left out.