Towards Empowered Mthwakazi Communities

At Mthwakazi Brands, we are more than just a profit-driven business. We are a movement dedicated to empowering the entire Mthwakazi community, wherever its members may reside. Our goal is to build strong and resilient communities that can effectively address various social, economic, and environmental challenges.


We believe that community empowerment is essential to achieving this goal. Empowered communities are better equipped to take ownership of the issues they face and work collaboratively to create sustainable solutions that meet their unique needs and circumstances. Additionally, empowerment allows individuals and groups to access and control essential resources such as information, skills, education, technology, land, and water, which are necessary to meet basic needs and build a better future for themselves and their children.


At Mthwakazi Brands, we are committed to demonstrating the power of community empowerment in creating positive change and building a better future for everyone. We invite you to join us in this movement towards a stronger, more empowered Mthwakazi community.


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Digital assets

We are at the end of the first quarter of the 21st century. Technological advancement is moving at a meteoric speed. The internet ushered in a new world, the cyber/ digital world. We exist in two forms, the physical and digital worlds. They made letter writing obsolete because of emailing, WhatsApp and many other instant messaging tools of our time. At one point in time, people used to walk for weeks just to go and deliver a message. Nowadays video calls are the order of the day, connecting those who are thousands of kilometres away from each in real time.
Crypto currency, the Blockchain, Web 3.0, NFTs and metaverse are an integral part of our existence at the present moment and will even be a greater part of the future. The integration of telegraph, telephone, radio, robotics, computer and the internet has brought advancement to the human family.
It is time we partake in the accumulation of digital assets now. The simple reason being that crypto is creating value out of thin air. We are at an era where we see the largest transfer of wealth through these digital assets. The barrier to entry is not a big challenge for adopters. Fiat currencies enjoy sovereign authority backing them while crypto currencies are backed by transparency. All transactions are broadcasted to other users in the network.
New crypto currencies are introduced to the public on daily basis. It renders middlemen redundant because of the decentralised distributed ledgers. Money started evolving since time immemorial. In the hunter and gatherer stage, people started trading through barter. They could easily exchange Ostrich eggs for strands of game biltong. Then there was discovery of gold, which became a medium of exchange. Later on, gold coins were minted and were used as store of value and a media of exchange as well. They proved difficult and unsafe to carry around and trade in. That led to the invention of paper money along with it came the plastic money. Where people could just swipe their debit and credit cards as a form of payment for goods and services.
Then we saw a new form of payment called electronic funds transfers (EFT) introduced in the world of money. Now there are E-wallets, where money is sent and stored in mobile phones. Mobile phones have become wallets. Merchants and individuals also accept these E-wallets as a credible form of payment. In countries like Zimbabwe, some transactions are through Ecocash, and other mobile network operators. People transact through their mobile phones without going physically to the banks. All this is a clear indicator that we are approaching a cashless/ paperless era. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) the ‘future’ world is here and now. Resisting it won’t help you or your family in the long run.
Because of the innovation from the internet, there are various virtual currencies that were invented and introduced to the public. Almost all of the early inventions have disappeared into thin air.
A few examples are:
*E-gold, which was launched in 1998 and was stopped in 2008.
*Beenz was founded in 1998 and collapsed in 2001
*Flooz was introduced in 1999 and folded in 2001
*Q coins was released in 2002.
The internet is the backbone of all these new digital assets. The first recorded description of social interaction through networking was from memos written by J.C.R Licklider of MIT in 1962. He was discussing his “Galactic Network” concept. He envisioned a globally interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. The concept was exactly like the internet as we know it today. Since then, research and development has grown and refined them into high technologies.
 This is one of the most useful and beneficial inventions of the 20th century. What I like most about this invention is that it is accessible to most people all over the world. It actually has levelled the ground for everyone. It has removed the barriers of geographical borders globally. Who owns the internet? No one owns the internet.
The internet is a very useful tool in this era. I like to go with those who call it the information age. This information is accessed, store and transmitted far and wide through the click of buttons.
If you do not have an email address, please create one. Learn to send and receive emails. If you are in business and you do not have a website, pay a web designer some money and put your business online. This levels the ground and your business can attract customers from all corners of the earth. This will help you to become a global business and will help you tap into the global markets and be part of globalisation.
The cyber world is here to change our lives to the better. There is a wide range of jobs that are being created on daily basis. The least we can do is to start thinking on how we can use it to our advantage. This will definitely improve our lives, our children’s lives and subsequent generations to come.
On the flip side, yes some of the negative things said about the internet are true. There are a million and one scams that are happening on the internet. Can we then throw away a bag full of apples because a handful of them are rotten? That will be costly and unnecessary. It is better to protect yourself from these scams and scammers.
Going online using a VPN can help you to surf the internet incognito. This makes it difficult for hackers to attack you online. Those who steal information like usernames, passwords, email addresses and personal information will have a hard time trying their luck once you secure your online activity using a VPN. Also avoid entering sensitive information using public Wi-Fi and public computers. You should avoid sharing sensitive information on untrusted websites as well. If an advertisement online is too good to be true, it probably is a scam. There are certain verification checks that you can do before you fall victim to such. It is always good to seek advice from those who are more knowledgeable about the internet than you. Refusing to engage in online activity is a self-defeating deed for anyone who lives in this 21st century era. The internet will grow from strength to strength as we see it today with the discovery and installation of fibre optics. This makes internet connection to be lightning fast and downloading of large amounts of data to happen in the blink of an eye. The world is shifting to 5G Networks and beyond.
As time goes on, Imbewu Finance will check out viable investments to grow its portfolio and those may include digital assets. They are volatile and one need to do their due diligence before they invest any hard earned resources.

Social media

Social Media

Social Media is one of the innovations that were ushered by internet. It was initially designed for socialising. Since its inception, it has seen exponential growth in the number of users. There are more than 3 billion social media users and we are still counting.
There are plenty of Social Media platforms, leading is Meta (Facebook), WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Tik-Tok and many others.

Facebook was launched more than two decades ago (2004). It was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends as a social networking platform for Harvard University students. Today it is a social media platform with over 2,7 billion users globally. Above that, Facebook is now a powerful advertising platform for businesses too.

Create a Facebook account here Its net worth is above a hundred billion dollars at the time of writing. Its share value has surpassed businesses that have been in existence for more than 300 years! When it was launched, many people resisted it, saying all the negative things they could see, think or imagine. Today people are reaping huge rewards for accepting and using Facebook.

Besides being a medium of keeping in touch with friends and relatives it is now a business tool.
Facebook also helps law enforcement to catch criminals. Employers also use the platform to monitor workers.

YouTube is part of Google, it specialises videos. Create your account here People upload video and audio content with millions of visitors to the site. These visitors spend millions of hours viewing the content every day.

Anyone who has a Gmail account has a YouTube account automatically created for them. It just needs a setup and customisation to user preference.

Traditional Media houses like newspapers, radio and television stations also publish their Breaking News on YouTube. If a content creator uploads a video that attracts a high number of shares, views, comments and likes they can get approached by advertisers. A YouTube account that has over 10 000 views can be monetized.
Twitter is also a strong and competitive social media channel. It is popular for current and Breaking News. It is a go to place if one wants to get latest news and see what is trending. Users can interact with almost anyone that they fancy including celebrities. Twitter is a strong platform that allows people to post what they want in real time. Twitter has millions of users from celebrities, individuals, NGOs, businesses and government departments.
If a Twitter user has over 10 000 followers it can be monetized. Advertisers pay for content to be posted on such handles.
Twitter allows a tweet to have only 140 characters. Create you Twitter account here

Instagram has become a source of income for many companies and individuals who have a large followers/ groups on Instagram. Visit to create an account. Linkedin monetization is a new reality, it means you can get paid for a posts that reach a targeted audience. The larger the audience, the more you get paid for that audience.

How can you make money through Instagram?

Create an Instagram account and build 10 000 followers.

Subcribe to IGTV monetization programme which allows creators on Instagram to make money by playing short ads along with their IGTV content. On a monthly basis, one can make up to 55% of the ad generated per view.

The IGTV videos must be at least 3 minutes long.
IGTV videos can run concurrently with YouTube.
Once you have established the required minimum number of 10 000 followers on Instagram, look for brands that can partner with you.
Create Sponsored posts for brands that want to get infront of your audience.
Create an Affilliate program where we sell third party products for commission
Create our own digital and physical products and sell them to our audience.
Set up an Instagram Shop.



Instagram offers an opprtunity to make money for influencers with a high number of followers. The secret is in building a strong voice that will attract a specific niche in the market. You also need to build a strong bond with influencers on Instagram. A repost from an influencer with a million followers can guarantee a good reach of your content. Find 5-10 influencers to work with and see your social media presence soar.

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. Create you account here

Knowledge is power. If you hve specific know how, you can sell and share it online in form of tutorials and courses.

Attract the right audience nd market customised productsspecifically for them. Alternatively you can build a paid membership subscription online. Then automte it to run 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week in order to serve as many customers as possible.


WhatsApp is a very popular social networking App. It helps individuals to communicate with each other.
Businesses have taken it and modeled it to suit their needs. Now WhatsApp has Bots, which makes a business to connect with their customers 24 hours 7 days a week.

Various people formulate groups on WhatsApp and are now finding ways of monetizing them. The number of group members is currently 250. This is a sizable number and it forces group creators to have multiple groups addressing the same subject. Get it on


Telegram is a social networking app that is mainly used by businesses. Unlike WhatsApp groups, Telegram can have more than 200 000 members in groups. Serious marketing happens here and you find professional marketing gurus and companies selling their products and services in this platform,

This is a very powerful app for mentorship and personal development. Since life is a complicated game with various mazes, we do need and appreciate those who hold us by the hand and guide us. Check out This is not a free app, you make a yearly subscription after a seven day free trial. In the app you get mentorship, motivation, meditation and a lot more. It is currently a to personal development app that I know. The best investment one can make is to invest in oneself, the returns are multiplied several hundred times get it here

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a practice where an individual or company earns a commission based on sales generated through referrals made for sellers. Affiliates are also called advertisers or publishers. They create links to promote products either in physical or digital form. When you sign up with a unique ID or a trackable URL. These help to credit and confirm affiliate partners. Affiliates are paid a percentage of the referred sale.


Most affiliate programs are free to join. They are very flexible, affiliates can choose what product, service or brand to promote. If one is passionate about a specific thing, find a product that you have faith in. If you commit to what you believe in, your prospects will pick it up and the enthusiasm will rub in to them and most of them will commit or at least they would give you an ear to present the product.


Why become a part of an affiliate program? It is a way of benefiting from your influence because of the reward.


Also, there are various methods of remuneration. Commission is paid out in various forms. A certain percentage is paid out per referral. More referrals mean compounded earnings. Some brands reward sellers in cash. There are those that pay in shares. Affiliates end up being shareholders because of that. Other companies pay in crypto currency. This evens out the ground because it takes away the geographic location of both affiliates and sellers.


Who can use the affiliate marketing? Social media influencers, celebrities, pastors, youths, workers and anyone who wants to make an extra income. Those who have a large circle of influence can easily cash in on that crowd. Recommending products to people who already believe and follow you should be an easy task. It is great to recommend stuff that you know referrals will be glad you did. They will easily convert and the affiliate will make a commission.


Pros and cons
Affiliate marketing does not require large amounts of capital to start. It needs a great product and system that will run the affiliate program and you are good to go. The brand tends to get value for their money because they pay per sale. Some companies that employ sales people pay them even if they do not make any sale. The people who join an affiliate program are often enthusiastic about the products they publish. This is picked up buy prospects who are then converted into customers. A certain percentage of the customers become affiliates once they associate with the brand, the product or both.
It can take some time to get the right affiliate partners before sales take off. The affiliates pay out takes a chunk of the profit. There is a need for a high-quality product or service in an affiliate program. Much revenue is invested in research and development of the product/ service. The affiliates need a training on the product and service. The company also need to put in place a training program and support system, which may increase the expenditure.


When you already have a product or service that you need to promote, put affiliate marketing into consideration. Once the affiliate program kicks off, it will start attracting customers. As the numbers grow, so do the revenue into the company.


Imbewu Finance is offering shares at US$1 per share. We leave no one behind and we do not hold anyone back! Be part of the economic revolution of abeThwakazi buy purchasing a minimum of one share. Imbewu Finance- Khula lathi.


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Marketing is the pillar of any business. Its success or failure hinges on its ability to reach and create more customers.
There are various kinds of marketing methods that businesses use nowadays. Today we will look at two of these methods which are traditional marketing which happens offline and digital marketing which is purely online. Both these methods are effective and can serve an array of businesses.

Offline marketing includes print, handouts, banners, road shows, cold calling, canvassing, exhibitions, television and radio. These methods help to grow brand awareness and credibility. They are based on physical interaction which enhances communication. They help businesses to reach a wider range of customers who may not have been easy to reach. This method gets rid of the digital divide where some people do not have access to the internet.

Some of these methods are costly to deploy especially promoting and advertising on radio and television. Although this method can get a lot of people (voice over artists, videographers, editors, make-up artists, etc) involved most of them do not come free or cheap.

We are experiencing a great shift from offline to digital marketing which is any act of selling on the internet. People are spending a lot of time online and marketers are forced to follow them there. Digital marketing has levelled the ground for individuals, brands, big and small businesses. Anyone can post, promote and boost online at a minimal fee. This can be done through blogs, In-App advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Email, Instagram, YouTube Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Online marketing has levelled the ground because it needs less resources to do as compared to traditional methods.

Mthwakazi Brands Pvt Ltd is a company registered in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Currently Mthwakazi Brands is managing 4 ventures under its brand.

These are:
1. Imbewu Finance (Pvt) Ltd- this specifically deals in financial services and will be a bank in 5 years or more.
2. Elangeni (Pvt) Ltd is an agribusiness that produces stockfeed for pen fattening.
3. Ampmart Mining (Pvt) Ltd deals in gold ore extraction and processing.
4. Isilo Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd is an entity that ventures into transportation services that includes people and goods.

Company physical address is Office 9, Jubilee Court, 4th Avenue and Robert Mugabe, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Contact phone: +263 711 302 502.


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Innovation is needed in Bulawayo

An innovative business

According to the oxford dictionary, to innovate is to bring something new. So, when a company is innovative, it means it is bringing something that has never been seen before in the market. According to raconteur, “business innovation is when an organisation introduces new processes, services, or products to affect positive change in their business, it can include improving existing methods or practices, or starting from scratch.”


In the 21st century we are looking at companies bringing new ideas to make life easier. We have cell phones that connect us to the internet and the internet has made our communication way easier and cheaper. Although in Zimbabwe it is a different story, it is said that Zimbabwe is 15 or more years behind when it comes to infrastructure, development and technology. One thing that has made the country to be mostly stagnant with being innovative is the economy. As we speak the Zimbabwean inflation rate is more than 200%. Companies have not been doing much to keep up with the world market change but instead they have been trying to survive the Zimbabwean economy.


The Matabeleland region has been the badly hit region in the country. With Bulawayo changing from the industrial hub to a cultural and heritage city only. Most of the industrial companies shut down for good and some moved to Harare. The industrial buildings in the city are either dilapidated or churches. Bulawayo needs innovative businesses that are going to change the dynamic of the city. Since the city is now a cultural and heritage hub, companies should try implementing that in an innovative way to their business. The marketing departments of companies can run with cultural and heritage status of the city to boost business and also help pull investment to the city. This would join together the industrial hub status and the cultural heritage status.


There are ways that companies in the city can be innovative. Companies in the city need to think in other terms in getting ahead of potential disruption. As the economy of the country is always going downhill, companies need to figure out how they can be cushioned. For example, during COVID 19, no country was ever prepared for the world lock down which disrupted business, now the world is prepared for such events so should Bulawayo companies be when it comes to the economy. The company must increase efficiency. This is when the business processes less costly, less time-consuming to complete, and more sustainable. Companies need to attract talent so that they push their brands to higher levels.

Highly motivated employees lead to High production

Zimbabwe is a good example of what poorly motivated employees could lead to, civil servants going on strike, sometimes they on go-slow (meaning a low percentage of production a day), they picket or leave the job. This is because they are either not paid well or their working conditions are not up to standard.


How can one motivate employees?

  • Salary

The salary of an employee must not be below the minimum wage of a particular job or position. If a salary cannot help a worker to access basic commodities, for example, food, paying a child’s education and shelter, employees will demand higher salaries or look for a better job. Employers must make sure they give employees fair wages.

Offering employees with rewards can help motivate employees, for example,

  • Bonuses
  • Private Health Care
  • Offering to pay for additional training or qualifications
  • Profit Sharing


  • Making a work place a pleasant place to be

The workplace must not be a dull and a dark place, it is not attractive to the eye and also changes the mood of the employee. Decorating an office to look attractive and making it well lit, helps with creativity and lighting up the mood. One can get stickers of the company logo, wood designs, books in the company’s field to decorate the office. The decorations must not be too much. Employers can even hire professionals to design their office space.


Make sure everything is UpToDate, especially the equipment used by the business because that can hinder the performance of t

he employees.


  • The employer, manager or leader must be respectful, supportive and honest

One thing that COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is the value of one another as a people and how much we need each other. Respectful, supportive and honesty go hand in hand with listening, empathy and understanding. What this means is that employees are humans too for they have feelings. Also, it is best if employers are continuously educating themselves by reading books on management.


  • Good Communication

Every business needs a good communication system to help lessen mistakes and improve productivity. During the pandemic, businesses were tested on their communicative skills, since most people were working from home. To make sure that the company was moving together, companies made sure that communication channels were easily flowing.


  • Share Positive feedback

By knowing that as an employee you did a good job gives a sense of accomplishment. It gives the employee a sense of pride and willingness to take more tasks and do better than before.

They are so many ways one can motivate their employees,but the most important thing is to listen to their grievances.


The Transport Industry Opportunities

The transport industry in Zimbabwe could be the biggest industry in the country and employing thousands of people if managed properly. At the moment the transport industry is run by the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) and many registered and unregistered private buses, combies (mini buses) and cars. Since the transport industry is mostly run informally, there is no customer care and the taxi operators can be expensive with no set prices. The problems have also left gaps in the industry as some places are left with no transport at all or the transportation available goes there three times a week especially in Matabeleland. It leaves a huge opportunity for people that want to be part of the transport industry.


Matabeleland has one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, the Victoria Falls and Hwange national park, and other areas like Matopos national park, Kudu land, Bulawayo itself and many more areas. Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe and one of the major cities in Matabeleland but the transportation to tourist attractions is a headache. The Bulawayo city council and the local government once stressed the need for investment in the transport industry when they visited the United Kingdom. An article by LuZibo Media House on the 22 of June 2020 also highlighted the opportunities that are there in the industry.


Cheaper domestic airlines are needed in Bulawayo, especially to tourist destinations like Victoria Falls and Hwange. This would help to improve tourism around the country. At the moment when people want to leave or go to the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport they have to go there by private car or taxi and taxies usually over charge people. There is no transportation company that officially collects people to and from Bulawayo city Centre and the airport. At the moment if one does not own a car and wants to travel to tourist destinations around the city, one has to book with a travel agency, or look for group travel agencies or hire a car. Travel agencies for domestic travel makes it expensive and hiring a car is generally very expensive in Zimbabwe.


There are gaps in the city transportation industry that need to be filled. Bulawayo has transport from the city centre to homes but to get transport, for example that takes people from Hillside to Riverside is not there. One has to Hike from Hillside to the Central Business District (CBD) then proceed to Riverside. Also, there is no transport that takes one straight from the Eastern Suburbs to Western Suburbs, everyone needs to go via CBD. Even when one is catching a taxi, they have to catch it in town unless if one has a taxi driver’s number. Also, in the rural areas buses for example do not travel there every day. For example, In Matabeleland South, buses travel to St Joseph’s three times a week.


The transportation industry can be a very lucrative business with a potential of hiring plenty youths that are not employed. There are many untouched areas in the industry that can be very popular. For it to be very successful, roads need to be fixed and the country must techno forward.


A person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference for example. In business delegation is the transfer of authority or responsibility for specific activities and tasks within a business from one individual to another, according to Indeed Editorial Team (2022).


Why is delegating important?

  • It helps to reduce workload from managers and other leaders. By doing so it helps managers or leadership to focus on more pressing issues that need their attention and they can give small jobs to subordinates.


  • Delegating helps with finishing a project at the targeted time. Dividing tasks amongst subordinated with a deadline helps with time management.


  • Subordinates also feel empowered and motivated when they are given a chance to contribute a major project. It gives them a chance to show their talent. In the mist of them showing their talent, managers and leadership should avoid micromanaging, it will cause the employee or team member to lose confidence and not perform.


  • There are better chances for good decisions to be made by the team when management and employees work together, therefore producing great results.


  • It can be used as an opportunity for on-the-job training for employees, they will learn more about the company and the culture as well.


Conditions for effective delegation

A manager must select the person to delegate on basis of sound knowledge. If the manager selects a person who does not know what to do, a lot of mistakes will be made or the project will fail. The person selected to do the task must be capable of carrying out the task and the responsibility that comes with it. The nature and the scope of the work and the delegated tasks must be clearly defined to avoid confusion and mistakes. A progress report must be made weekly so that the leader or manager can see how far everyone is on their tasks, and if there are mistakes, they can be fixed early. Two-way communication is important. A successful delegation task must be rewarded.


Why are managers reluctant to delegate?

There is always fear of the unknown when entrusting something big to someone. It can either ruin their career or things go well or they fear that employees will do better than them Sometimes managers themselves do not have delegation skills, so they avoid delegating Other managers are shy asking employees, so they would rather do it on their own.

Advantages of a hands-on leader

A business is a commercial, industrial or professional activity. It is usually controlled by a sole trader, partnership or board of directors. When a business or firm is commencing it needs the owner or owners to be hands-on with it. They need to connect with the customers and clients, to create a relationship and loyalty. They also need to monitor the cash in and out flows of business. They have to record all business transaction to track or monitor if the business is making a profit or loss. It helps with comprehending major shifts in the market and business which would increase productivity, sales and reaching the ultimate goal of the business. This can help the owner to make informed decisions.

Trouble shooting and problem solving are some of the tasks or duties of the entrepreneur and they become critical traits or characteristics found in them. If one is not hands-on with their business there is lack of consistency in service provision and the way the business will be run. This can be caused by employees not doing their job at all or not doing their job correctly, therefore constant mistakes will be made resulting to customers and revenue being lost. By being there it shows the employees that the employer does care for them and the business.

In the mist of being a hands-on leader, make sure work is delegated to employees because once one person is overwhelmed with too much work, they make mistakes. Make sure you do not stifle creativity or productivity of employees just because you are hands-on.

Excellent customer service is key to business success

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after the purchase of goods and services, according to google. Each industry of business requires a different level of customer services but the most basic and important service is how to approach and communicate with a client or customer. This can be done via media, for example email, twitter, Facebook and what’s app and also face to face


Approaching Face to Face


  • When approaching a customer or client face to face make sure you are dressed smart. First impression counts the most. If the front desk or shop assistant or you as an owner look untidy, it gives the customer an impression that the business is in disorder. Also, every business has the best suited attire for the job.
  • Always wear a warm smile on your face. A smile is always welcoming to a client and a customer, it helps them to relax and to approach more freely and ask for help.
  • Social distance is important, because it helps one to feel comfortable. Always leave a personal space between the customer and yourself.
  • Greeting a client or customer first by saying “good day, how may I help you,” can help them to go straight to the point. It is also a polite way of asking the customer what they need.
  • Be ready to listen, this helps one not to jump into conclusions. When a customer is heard and helped correctly, they are satisfied.
  • Always use, please, thank you, and you are welcome.


Social media Communication


  • In every organisation it is important to have an email or social media policy.
  • Make sure the subject line is relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Always mind your manners when talking to clients online. A greeting is important. Even though people may not notice it or not pay attention to it but if you forget the greeting, the message my come out to be disrespectful or ungrateful.
  • There are some who are sensitive to being addressed by their first names. When in doubt, use Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Dr or Professor. In some situations, do not use them at all.
  • If one has no knowledge of something it is good to refer them to someone who does or simply tell them that their problem will be rectified soon.
  • Make sure you reread your message several times before you hit send to make sure you do not come across as rude, disrespectful, unfriendly and unapproachable.
  • Do not use abbreviations, capital letters for it sounds like you are shouting, and check your grammar and spellings
  • Keep the email brief and straight to the point.
  • When signing off make sure you say “kind regards” and sign with your name and job title so that the client or customer knows who helped them out.


These will help with customer or client satisfaction and will give the client confidence to come back next time to use your product or service. It is up most important to take you workers especially frontline office workers or workers that deal with customer to etiquette  and grooming lessons or training.

Have multiple streams of income. Start while you are still employed!!!

It is important for one to have multiple streams of income, it helps one to stay prepared when one stream fails, for example, one loses a job but they have business on the side that will keep them afloat. Another practical example is the Zimbabwean situation, relying on a salary is not practical as they are paid in the Zimbabwean dollar which is constantly being eroded by inflation.


To start a business, capital is needed and it is recommended that the owner (s) use their own money. This helps business owners avoid bank loans or lenders who demand collateral. So by having multiple streams of income it is easier to find money to inject into the business.


“Wealth begets wealth” meaning the more income you have, the higher your rate of return and the more wealthy you are.

The more money you invest the more returns you will get. You are able to scale higher.


Multiple streams of income helps with flexibility as one will become their own boss. At the end of the day one can choose to either work from home or in an office.  Also they can properly monitor and strengthen their sources of income without being limited by a geographical area.


When having a number of  sources of income this enables one to live their dream life.  The more effort and time one puts in building their sources of income, the greater are the chances of achieving financial freedom.


Conglomerate business: the Mthwakazi way

Mthwakazi Brands is a business that is modelled to and for the catering of the Mthwakazi communities. It is the parent company that shelters a diversified portfolio of businesses. There is a huge gap in the market and as Mthwakazi brands sees it, it is up for the taking for anyone willing and able to. A conglomerate business consists of a parent company that owns a series of diversified, smaller companies. These businesses are typically large which enables them to diversify across industries and mitigate risk. Some conglomerates own a series of companies that make up the entire labor and supply chain for a single product. This definition of conglomerate business is one that clearly shows what Mthwakazi is about. OUR OBJECTIVE: Mthwakazi Brands is to create companies, using a methodology that allows abaThwakazi bonke jikelele, to OWN various businesses that will be seen operating within and outside of Mthwakazi. Every sector is in focus; Mining, Farming, Transportation, Engineering, ICT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, etc. There are various pros to the formation of this type of business and regrettably cons are to be expected also.


Some of the pros of conglomerate businesses include but are not limited to

  1. Conglomerates can mitigate financial risk by spreading their financial stakes across many smaller businesses in different industries.
  2. Conglomerates benefit from internal capital markets, which can be allocated across its companies. If one business in a conglomerate performs poorly in the financial markets or with revenue, this loss can possibly be offset by the other businesses which may be performing better.
  3. Companies within the conglomerate can establish synergy. The costs of running the many businesses that make up a conglomerate can be reduced through consolidation, where businesses share inputs or resources across the conglomerate’s subsidiaries.


There are a number of huge companies with brands that are well known throughout the entire world that are conglomerate businesses. Some notable mentions would be Mitsubishi, Samsung and Walt Disney company. They are proof that this business model is one that can be sustainable hence Mthwakazi Brands feels confident to be in this business of pulling human minds and efforts in order to uplift the community rather than cry foul.

Why it is important to separate business and personal finances


It is important to separate business and personal finances. It helps with:


  • Monitoring how the business is performing

As an entrepreneur, it is important to record income and expenditure. The income and expenditure account helps one to find out the surplus or deficit, it is similar to the profit and loss account. Also, a cash inflow and outflow account is a simpler way of showing if the business is making money or not.


  •  Avoid thumb dipping in the till

When it comes to owning a business, one has to be disciplined. If one keeps on removing money from the business it can go bankrupt. Self discipline can help the business become more lucrative in the long run. If one withdraws money from the business, they must make sure it is accounted for. If they rely on the business to cover personal expenses, it may be better to take a monthly salary instead, which must be recorded in order to help minimize constant withdrawals.


  • The mindset of professionalism

When creating a business there must be clear lines between personal and business issues. It helps with setting lines so to avoid overspending and also help the business expand.


  • Accounting finances to the tax officials

When a business is registered in a country, especially in Zimbabwe, it has to go under tax clearance every year. Therefore, the financial records have to be up-to-date. When accounting finances to tax officials, they check how much is the business losing a year and to what.

Mthwakazi Brands: Solving Real Problems

THE PROBLEM: Poverty and lack of opportunities for abaThwakazi in their lands (Bulawayo, Matebeleland North, Matebeleland South, and the Midlands provinces).


THE SOLUTION: Creation of opportunities through the establishment of profit-making businesses (companies), using a methodology that ensures we Leave No-one Behind and Hold No-one Back!

Mthwakazi Brands Insights: Did You Know?

Starting a business is not easy. There are a lot of hurdles to jump through along the way but at Mthwakazi Brands, we have found ways to make it possible for any ordinary member to be a part-owner of a functional business.


Smart Partnerships and Shared Capital

Raising enough money to start a business is every entrepreneur’s dream. However, that’s not an easy feat for many. Often ideas and dreams die out with time as someone struggles and then fails to get on their feet financially. It’s often the cause people would try to borrow from the banks and unfortunately, in our own community, there are no such banks. The solution is crowdfunding! Often people would like to have 100% control over their businesses. In reality, it works if all is in order and there’s no shortage of finances as well as expertise.


As life would teach you, it’s difficult for anyone to have it all under the sun. You can be a millionaire in any currency but in the end, you still need to have a certain degree of expertise before you can blindly walk into some business.




Today, good ideas for businesses are awash in the digital world. One may think it’s easy to download an idea and run with it. Unfortunately, it is not that straightforward. Sometimes you need someone who can articulate the idea and separate someone who can transform it into a physical manifestation. Those are skills and they are rare. Had they been popular, Mthwakazi would be a paradise by now. As part of our activities, handle ideas at all stages and determine what could be extracted out of them and applied in the field.


Skill and Talent 

As part of our team, we have a number of field experts as well as individuals talented in various ways. Together we form a capable team that can transform the face of the business environment as well as the local economy within Mthwakazi. Don’t be left out.